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Default Personal Transportation for my only child..

It's been a bad year for the last 2 Vale men on this planet...

My days are numbered, cancer, 50/50 I make it another 2 years.
Last night, our only child, my 26 year old Son Kelvin was shot in a home invasion.
He's alive, but he will never have use of his legs again.

My sole task now is to come up with something really cool he can get around on so he doesn't give up, but also something to ease the burden on my wife.

I know there are a lot of new innovations out there, but I also know my son, he won't take being crippled long unless he can get around with style and dignity so if you guys don't mind, can you help me by finding some links for where the new tech is now so I have a place to start?

I would really appreciate it as this is really going to be hard on all of us, especially my wife.
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