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Default Re: Cag engines, the new mad man China girl?

Originally Posted by wheelbender6 View Post
The CAG motors require fabrication to mount them in a bike frame. With motor mount fab, exhaust fab and the gearbox, it gets expensive.
The CAG motor is pretty easy to rack mount for friction drive. No gearbox required with a friction drive.
-The best news is that there are plenty of aftermarket exhausts made for the CAG.

Problem with friction drive is my rear tires $80.00 a pop there is no pedals on it so would have to be front wheel drive would be easier just to mount a rack like the orginal statement made and go streight over the pocket axle thus removing need for friction drive. Is the non transmission model clutched or constant drive? I may have a new chopper coming from a person at one of the facilitation I work near a facility where the front desk knows me pretty well long story short.

The person we speak it of has an extra chopper for $40.00
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