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Default Re: Dolphin powered bike... a different kind of 2 stroke

Hello all, Thanks for the comments... if interested you can read about the Dolphin engine here...

or here....

Ricardo designed it in 1904 when he was just 17 years old... it was know for it's smooth running and high torque.. Around 1908 they made a car called a Dolphin that used the engine... it was also popular in boats.. Never hear of one in a motorcycle though...

The engine operates like any other 2 stroke except that it is uniflow and uses a piston to charge / scavenge the cylinder... I like to build different kinds of engines and I couldn't find any video of a running Dolphin so I thought it would be a neat one to make... yes the engine is made from a 2 cylinder single stage air compressor.. both pistons are on the same crank throw.. I replace the power cylinder with one from a Harley... Agreen, there is actually 2 near the spark plug and another just behind the carburetor. I've also made some modifications / improvements to the original design like moving the location of the carb and also changed the combustion chamber...

All the best, John

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