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Default Re: tensioner pulley

Originally Posted by Graham View Post
I want to do the skateboard wheel thing, but I dont have access to a lathe to carve into it. Could I get away without doing that or perhaps is there another method?
I have not actually done it this way but I've read here where some guys have chucked the skateboard wheel into a drill and used a file to cut the chain groove. A drill press would work better and be safer than a hand drill. You'll need some way to keep the wheel from spinning on whatever you use through it. When I cut wheels on a lathe I remove the bearings and run a bolt through the bearing bore and tighten it. Then I chuck the bolt into the lathe. Something to keep in mind is that there are 2 different styles of skateboard wheel. The better ones are one piece ureathane and the less desirable ones have a solid inner core with a rubberized outer jacket. The 2 part ones don't lend themselves to being cut into because the outer skin comes off and leaves you with a hard core that isn't much better than the kit tensioner wheel. Good luck.
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