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Default Re: face palm hp to cc help

Originally Posted by Agreen View Post
Sounds like sc laws. 25 mph limit, but can't be physically capable of going faster than 30 on a flat surface. Must be 50cc or less. I have no issues with taking off and getting up to speed with my 48cc and centrifugal clutch kit. I have, however, considered making it a hybrid with a 48v electric front wheel with some small batteries to be used for takeoff only. No laws say I can't. May be worth a look...

I also snapped a shaft on a weed trimmer FD. It was a 23cc weedeater engine with a 7/8" socket bolted to the crank. The crankshaft flew off and the flywheel went whizzing by my ear. The stress on the crank with friction drive is too much. A better way is to run bearings on both sides of the roller (like staton friction drives )

HAHA! burrrrr RAHHHH! #FROOM# dO,ob (===)

LOL well mine just looked like a grown man ran up and snatched it off and said walk home.

Hey what do you think of these motors? This is more along the lines of what I need.
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