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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by el Diablo Guapo View Post
i made some new spokes for my 12 inch chopper today

I had noticed something was odd when a freind rode away from me, the wheel seemed to bend to one side. upon closer inspection i found 4(!) broken spokes. they had sheared off at the hub on the back side of the mushroom. I assume they were cut by the twisting action. there were also some burrs on the hub.

When I removed the rag joint i found 3 more broken spokes. The entire hub assembly could rotate or twist a little.

I am not really surprised by any of this. The wheel is only 12", the 24 spokes don't even cross, i have a small-ish rear cog, i weigh like 275, and this bike was really made for very little kids.

I smooothed the burrs off, and cut "new" spokes from an old wheel. I purchased a hozan c-700 threader. It worked great, but i removed the crank arm and chucked it up in my cordless drill.(make sure you don't have any burrs and oil before each cut)

I tensioned the spokes quite tite. There are not vey many, and twisting seems likely.I should have probably replaced all the spokes, but we will see how it goes...

gonna get the wheel back on tomorrow and go for a putt.

ps new spokes are silver
They make some scooter wheel like that with heavy gage spokes, maybe find one and get a wheel ready just incase............Curt

Here is one site

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