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Default Hurricane Mathew Build

Didn't have anything to do while waiting out this storm, so I camped out in the garage for a while. Pulled the 66cc HT out of my Stiletto and threw in a 79 cc Predator I bought with a gift card my son gave me to Harbor Freight. Removed all of the extras including the governor and cowling. The engine went in quickly, and the Hilliard clutch was easy to fit, but it took 3 days to find a short in my tach light that was keeping my stator from driving my LED headlight and tail light. (shorting amperage straight to ground) All is good now and will be testing my gearing as soon as the streets dry off. The Hilliard has 10 teeth and my primary drive is an old moped sprocket with 40 teeth. The secondary on my jackshaft is a 10 and the sprocket on my wheel is a 36. Hoping for 45 or 50 MPH out of the gate. Could only get 40 with the Chinagirl. Can see why people like these Predator engines. They start on the first pull and they are easy to modify.
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