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Originally Posted by Agreen View Post
Wires improperly connected.

Don't just buy parts! You must know someone with a multimeter? Check the resistance of the magneto. Unplug the kill switch and check from black to blue. If you have a white wire, make sure it's not touching anything. Tape it off if you have to.
Sadly I don't. This one horse town I live in. I've done all this. I've checked for a spark with the kill switch in, I've checked with it out, I've switched between new and old spark plugs and new and old Cdi. Still no spark. The wire that's black looks thick at the joining point of the magneto, but the blue wire looks thin as if its been pulled. Where as the black wire looks to be about 7-8 strands of copper. The blue one looks to be about 3-4 strands of copper. But with no option of getting a solder, wire, tip, ect, I'm just...relying on a new Magneto. I prefer fixing the problem instead of prolonging it with tape and glue. If this does not work than I will figure it out. The last thing it can be without getting the spark is the magneto and it's wires.
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