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Default Re: sold out of kits

Originally Posted by crassius View Post
I bought 30 kits last time, and could make room for maybe 50, but can not get any info about them and don't want to go thru ordering 5 or 6 kits from diff places and have a lot of them so bad I can't sell them
Ya, I get e-mails from all them all like woodpecker, ~$80 a kit if you buy a bunch. I have no desire to sell ****.
I just set all their e-mail to go to Spam.

Like you I do buy a few good kits when they are sale, no such thing as too many spare parts, well, within reason, for example I just threw away ~25 sets of stock grips.

hills are steep here and riding each one for 60 or 70 miles hoping it will run in enough someday to get up a hill is just getting to be too much at my age - not counting time & money lost taking one of those weak motors apart and putting some parts on shelf as used, while tossing cases and barrels into recycle for aluminum scrap
It sounds like shifters would sale in your area.
I suggest you try that angle.
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