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Default Re: Some general Questions

When the sparkplug is removed from the HEAD the engine is VERY easy to turn as there is no compression without the plug and you will hear that sound. Try not to do it too much as there is no oil inside the engine at this point. Yes your chain seems too loose and you could take a link or two out by filing or grinding the heads off the links and punching the links out. This will take about five minutes. As for your throttle cable , you could try to first go to your left before heading back to the right to "waste" a bit of cable while at the same time, not putting any drastic bends in it. I use those nylon zip ties to keep the cable in place. It would help if you explained why you want to remove your muffler as I don't understand what is going on. Good luck!
Is this a new build? If so, i would like to offer a few pointers that will help parts last.

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