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Default Re: face palm hp to cc help

Originally Posted by Agreen View Post
There is no such cc to hp rule. There are 30 hp 212 predators oUT there. They come stock at 6.5 hp.

I don't know what the laws are in Washington, so it's hard to determine how to help. Look up the power rating on the HF website and see what it says for the 79. I'm pretty sure 3hp sounds right though. If the size is a concern, find yourself a 50cc sticker for the flywheel cover.
Says no more then 50cc must be read as 49cc if it's 50cc exact they split hairs to control the aware.

Other laws include it must be 2bhp I just don't want my rig doing 45 if I do 20 I won't be bothered 30 questionable but law permits up to 30 mph on mopeds.

We are concidered a gray area it's still a bicycle with pedal delete I'm adding the pedals back from a little girls bike that I know that broke down chop off specialized crank. Instead of spoke driven both sides will be rim driven also is there a way to weld aluminium rims chopper rims are ridged in the middle over time they split down the sides.

As for the specialized frame I decided to invest in this moped motor 125 cc and make the specialized a drag bike for kids. Fast as **** but hey its so low they won't be able to wheelie.

Irony is i found a guy who's selling a x7 pocket bike soul jabbing for his throttle and engine with exhaust but it says online that the x7 crotch rocket engines 49cc but 5.95hp?!! Your F * kidding me right?
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