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It's good news for you. SVA is merely a super MOT. Depending on Low Power Moped/Moped/Motorcycle classification, you have to have various requirements fulfilled. 50cc, 1kw/1.3 horse and 16mph flat out on a vehicle capable of being pedalled is the minimalist way to go. If you went trike or quadricycle moped qualified, then the intriguing option of 4kw non-spark ignition engine is available. Nothing in the rules prevents hot bulb ignition petrol engines, if you don't want a diesel or steam engine.

I have 2 slow projects on the go. One is a bicycle with a minimoto engine over the back wheel, that may go through SVA, I don't know. The other is the creation, using pre-existing parts and documents, of a Genuine Vintage Fake, to be titled the Gravis Et Lento.

If you haven't already looked, there's a section full of pictures, with all sorts of ideas and solutions.

Look up also the works of Cannonball2 and his 90 degree direction changing belt drive. An engine may be bulky one way, but narrow if you sidestep convention.

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