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Originally Posted by bairdco View Post
Looks like a piece of junk. Totally homemade from two junk frames. No value whatsoever.

Doesn't matter what brand frames they used to be, now they're worth nothing.

Intact, non-tandem vintage schwinn girl's frames are worth $50 or less.

I've seen good condition schwinn tandems sell from $150 and up. If you want a tandem, don't buy this one.

If you want a tandem to flip and make some money off of, don't buy this one. And, don't buy a tandem in the first place, if you're trying to flip it for money.

No one wants tandems. There's a saying in the vintage bike crowd, "the two best things about a tandem are the day you buy it, and the day you sell it."

Amen to that,

My 49 sold for $66.00 after cleaned up, inspection, rear end, and crank rebuild.
Still had a lot of patina left just not on the rims and all brought it for $40.00 spent 5 bucks on removing rust with apple cider vinigar and baking soda. Was a crusty sob but I made a dollar per year of age, only way to revive that home made tandem is to chop it and add a cargo rear end on the back. Took 2 months to sell but worth it for the enthusiast only thing it needed was one NOS tire I can say I'm openly honest when it comes to resales. If it needs something I am not going to lie about it.

Right now trying to sell my 2010 trek alpha 4300 for $75.00 custom aluminum bike fully rebuilt has had a derailer swap from a new crappy style derailer which was missing when I got it to the old dependable NOS suntour VX derailer which is worth about 40 by its self.

Shifts like Butter ,

After raging and mangling a crappy centurion super tour 15 that's what I could salvage after the rims exploded.

THAT DAY was one of those bad mechanic days with a client lost a bit of control looking to help this guy out and totalled it off a barricade lol.

"NOT to mention I got front ended before leaving town one small imprefection in a rim on a perfect bike T's me off been this way for 3 years since leaving university district. First time I had someone clip me on a brand new rim fresh out of recycled cycles that cost me $35.00 cash."

Ever ride a bike so long that you just stop caring when someone cuts you off? HAHA I just collide into people these days, so if their fender gets knocked in they deserve it anyway I don't like wobbles in my front rim you can feel it kick like old raggity front tires that have a bulge.

When I feel it's worthless and won't sell fast enough I'll just crash it so no one can use it.

WHAT do you guys and girls think of the vintage JC higgins bikes, they are pretty much logoless excluding the front plating, and some of their cranks have the name in it.

I find it easy to repaint possiable throw in a rear end mod to go from single speed to 8 speed.
It's NOT what you Can't DO Its About What YOU Can build.
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