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Originally Posted by Allen_Wrench View Post
I'm pretty sure that was homemade too. The way the forward seat tube goes through the head tube of the more-complete frame behind it, and just the overall way it seems to be joined together, seems to say "scratch build". That's not to say this is a bad thing. If the welds are good and sound and the frame isn't rusted through anywhere, it can still be okay. I do wonder, however, if proper rake-and-trail were taken into account when the front section of the frame was mounted to the middle. Long tandem bikes tend to not corner quite as well as regular single-seat bikes. Being short on trail would make it a real bear to deal with.

Guy claims he got it at a swap meet in Tacoma, Wa this would have to be built for less then $100 to put a $300.00 price tag on would be cool to add a spindle in the rear for an engine but throttle cables are notoriously short. Would have to say the most expensive part off the build is tires and rims seeing it would need a flip flop hub in the rear. As a basic build needs bars and a chain with correct rims to be exact an engine can always go on later but it seems extensively long.

By it being a bunch of chopped up schwinns and huffy bikes from the 50s it's still very valuable. A trip to the university district and the whole bike can be built off road garbage for next to nothing.

Another idea for it is to piss bus users off by charging per occupant thus which is why it's a good idea to pack an engine.
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