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Default Re: Suggestions Please

You can get a large number of responses with a question like that. What it boils down to is what do *you* want? My first motorized bike cost me $0 because it was cap cobbled together from a bunch of roadside finds. My second one was a little nicer, and cost $165 because I bought a Schwinn frontier mountain bike at a Goodwill and put a motor kit on. The third was well over $600 because it was a complete custom frame-up build. You pick what you want, because in the end, it's about what you want and are willing to spend.

Now if you find a mountain bike you like, you can ask questions about kit fitment and the like. Most will fit the standard non-suspension frames.

As far as kits go, they range from about $100 and up. I have gambled a few times and never lost. Ebay kits are what they are, and I guess I've been lucky.
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