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Hey so I am interested in a so called tandem frame it is bare from too to bottom but I have 0% idea of who's brand this could be all I know is its a 1950s model by the looks it simular to a schwinn 20 inch girls cruiser bike from 1949 I will post a picture of a bike I previously sold.

The Schwinn girls 20 inch cruiser was built in 12/08/1949 (First picture)

The second picture which is the frame looks like the frame of that cruiser multiplied x2.

What I do know during the time Jc higgins, Murray, Schwinn, and huffy during the time built all simular bikes murray was direct competition of schwinn matching it's look up to about the nose, while huffy was the same but with different color but quality.

Out of the brands huffy and jc higgins where box store brands which in theory reduces the value vs a direct schwinn.

Due to it lacks so many parts this frame should be repainted vintage or not because it's bare.
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