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Originally Posted by Rockenstein View Post
Sorry I didn't reply sooner VBN...have not browsed this part of the forum in a few days.
Hi RS. Great to hear back from you!

So you're interested in knowing what is happening with me so far? Well, I'll be glad to update you.

So far I have pretty well everything under way!

Last Tuesday I placed an order through dubyadubyadubya_dot_bicycle-engines_dot_com for the GruBee SkyHawk Stage-III rear-mount engine kit (minus the HuaSheng engine) with a 48-tooth wheel sprocket and a 10-tooth engine sprocket. Normally this kit includes a 56-tooth wheel sprocket and 11-tooth engine sprocket but none were in stock at the time. However, they mentioned that the 48/10 configuration would give me a higher top speed, which is what I prefer. Also, the normal price for the kit is $419.99 but I only had to pay $249.99 as I asked them to knock off the engine. The kit was shipped today so I may be receiving it later this week.

Then, this past weekend I placed an order for the Honda GXH50 engine from Mid City Honda (tel # 519-659-6533) and will be picking it up Tuesday or sometime later this week whenever the engine is in. I have asked for the engine in an unprepped state (still in the crate, no oil and no spark plug) so that it gives me something more to do. (You can ask for it prepped though, if you wish, to make things easier.) The engine price is about $550. Note I also decided to knock off the HuaSheng engine from the previous order as I understand it is a clone of this Honda engine and would prefer the real thing.

And the final order I placed for now was also this past weekend for a set of Blackburn "Flea" head and tail LED lights, a rear-view mirror and a CatEye Strada cycling computer with odometer, speedometer and many other functions. All these were ordered from CyclePath and were based on suggestions made from the good folks at the To Wheels bicycle store where I originally bought my bike. I managed to really hit it off with them two weeks ago and was telling them about what I plan to do. They seem very interested in my plan. In fact I may have to take my bike there once I have the kit mounted as the mounting of the wheel sprocket may require additional attention and/or inspection.

I also paid a visit last week to my local MTO Driver's License office and picked up the new MTO Official Motorcycle Handbook, which I am now halfway through. This book contains the latest definitions not only for motorcycles but also for limited-speed motorcycles and moped's as well. I hope to make it soon to the Exeter Rd MTO office to write my M1 motorcycle test and obtain more info on registering, licensing and insuring my bike. And later, sometime in April, I plan to attend a Motorcycle Safety Course at Fanshawe College that would help to speed up the licensing process. This course is recommended in the book.

Well, I gotta getta moveon. Not much else going on right now but I'll keep you up-to-date on my progress once I start building. TTYL.

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