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Default sold out of kits

Well, I've sold the last of those good kits I bought. Looking around, I see sellers that I used to deal with are out of the kit sales now too (but some are dumping parts cheap).

Beginning to wonder if I'll find any kits among the no-name ebayers that are worth bothering with. I really don't need any more of the 60 miles run in before it will go up a hill motors, and straight-cut muffler flanges that pull studs out of cylinder, or tensioners that don't lock so that 2 hands and a tool thru spokes are needed to adjust them, or carbs with wrong jets that need replacing from day one.

Worst part is that with no kits, I have no motors to sell as cheap replacements on which I can make up the diff in price when I sell all the rest of kit as repair parts : (

Anyone else stuck in finding good kits?
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