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Default Re: C02 tank/air tank questions for build

Tony is correct. 4000 psi is a lot of air. In the event of a failure, its like a 40 lb. bullet. Ive seen one that experienced sudden valve failure, and it sent the tank completely through a concrete wall. Imagine the tank getting hit by a SUV at 30mph or greater....

My airgun tank is wraped in carbon fiber, to help hold the metal in the event of a failure.

Also, why use CO2?.

High end Airguns use high pressure air (HPA). Not co2..... Co2 is slightly more expensive, and produces different pressures according to the tanks temperature. In colder climates, the pressure really suffers. HPA can be filled using a special air compressor, whereas co2 would reguire a steady supply of co2.

Lastly, all of these (HPA and co2) tanks have a shelf life. They are certified. They must pass a hydro test every 5 years as I recall. And after 15 years as I recall, the tank becomes useless. Some people that own their own HPA compressor and/or co2 supply will continue filling them despite their expiration date, but its very risky. If you rely on an external source for air or co2, they most certainly will not fill a expired tank.

Just food for thought!
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