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Default Re: C02 tank/air tank questions for build

Originally Posted by Tony01 View Post
I would avoid any compressed air tanks and such.. Be pretty bad in an accident... and believe me you will have accidents.. I've lowsided twice in the last two weeks..
........ I've never had a cycle related accident under gas operated conditions, only on pure pedals across steel plates after peeing rain. I've been debating this in addition to debatin, I've also have to consider in long range conditions which include frame swap. Pedals are manditory in a way
Even if pedal and fan power which of corse won't effect it's legality there is room for plenty ideas, carry electric has speed limitations by weight and power. Gas is kind of funny off the hp system, air explodes, and ccs really depend on shaft size systems. To small shaft snap and goodbye, too big hp even 1.5hp may be two big cc 13-17cc is in 1 hp.
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