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Default Re: C02 tank/air tank questions for build

Originally Posted by Agreen View Post
The kill switch can work the same way as on the gas engine. Short the coil output or ground it, no voltage potential is felt on the solenoid. With the air solenoid shut, the engine quits. The biggest hurdle I think will be throttle. You'll find that a ball valve is terrible at throttling flow, but still easier to control on a bike than a globe valve (like a water spigot).

I am thinking the same about the ball check last key, is fitment

Problem I am encountering is the mathematics gearing at the rear end is 24 tooth, if 13,500 is the psi amount given pressure of the tanks, 90 psi is required minimum required for one cycle without load would be my base mileage per psi?

Thinking of adding a mini pressure pump to keep 1 of the three tank charged at at a time the whole rig will be powered by pedaling and recycle it's air so less trips to the air station spending 2 dollars up to 5 a day for refills with a 8 mile range max is the key.

It's pure green friendly, this rig will still beat the old engine anyway 15.5mph was the limit on the old engine the gearing for the front sprocket would have to be fairly light after accessories are added.

I'll repost pictures of the frame bare soon, I believe a special made tank will help as well so the usage of a manual bicycle pump would be cool.
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