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Default Re: C02 tank/air tank questions for build

Originally Posted by Agreen View Post
There are tons of videos on this subject. One person uses a solenoid air valve that threads in where the spark plug would go. A flywheel magnet triggers the solenoid to open, air goes in for about 1/4 of the stroke length, and then shuts. The inertia drives the crank down and back around. Pretty neat.

Another one is a pop valve. Using a bolt threaded in to the top of the piston, it pokes the valve open when it comes up to tdc. Air goes in, same story.

You could probably make a block off plate for the intake, and fill the crank case with some oil. A slinger on the crank wouldn't hurt.

For all that trouble, I'd stick with gas. It costs way more to refill CO2 cans, and your range is limited by air charging stations. But don't let me stop you if that's what you want to do. It does sound pretty cool, and I'm all about cool factor!

The solinoid the first one sounds good off the magneto problem is stopping the flow as most kill switches are 1 wire for weed eaters if I'm going to be loud and epic it's best to do compressed air, with weed eater.

Air charge stations are no threat gas isn't the way to go tired of stupid ended theives so pure air is what I really like, to top that off I am welding in a new crank so the air will be used sparingly prefered going up hill, or on a flat strip to prepare a nice morning pedal my bike is as bald as a eagal right now. No turning back, full green power.
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