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Default Re: Need some advice on first build..

Welcome to the forum. I just finished this inexpensive BT style build about 165 for the bike (target and wally mart both sell it online) for the engine 135.oo for a pk80 engine with a balanced crank, and everything you need off eBay from bekit I put on a Cnc 40tooth sprocket and hub adapter for 55 bucks. and a 5buck plastic weed whipper tank off eBay. Two long reach squeeze brakes off ebay so it has 3 brakes total for great stopping power at 30.00 total. So call it 400.00 total not bad really for what I ended up with. Build took a week in spare time putzing. Columbia makes 4 different styles and colors that all would make great BT style bikes once you strip em down like removing rack and chain guard, fenders. Add a 12 dollar led headlight and your retty much done. You can hide a gas tank inside the fake ones with more work and Money. A bike like this gets people to believe its a true restored antique. On the other end for a first bike is the Cranbrook they make a solid build too for 200 just like Springfield said. just add front and rear squeeze brakes and reinforce the fenders or toss. They have 22 gauge spokes and a steel frame and wheels. I've build 4 crannys. No matter what build you do save yourself pain and tons of time and get the 1.50 inch Cnc hub adapter fir the cranny or Columbia hub and one of the tensioners that attach to the engine if you can, so smooth and trouble free then. Lets us all know what you decide on, there are a gazillion types of bikes to choose from to do a build with. See the chesp BT build here.
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