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Default Re: tired of stuff that gets stolen, new but not so new idea? (air compression)

Originally Posted by racie35 View Post
You'll need very big tanks...that cylinder will displace the same amount of air as it does running on fuel...a lot. High pressure gives you more, sure but how do you refill that?
You can test your idea with an oxygen tank to a set of torches easy enough with a regulator. I believe they're around 3000psi. Not sure.
I hope you have luck with it, it's just that refill thing I'd hate.
Oh it will, have power think of it as natural booster like nitrous oxide only need enough for the beginning stage to pile one massive hill fill up at a air station sounds great some how. Assisting is a great option without converting to fuel. I take riding seriously, air for weather boost 8 figure with the right amount of cc to psi would go a long way pedal shift lever would make valve system easier.

Let's say 750 feet on a 65 degree slope up for instance a 50 cc or a 2hp motor would work great, a bigger set up will require more air as cc requires more power from hp to cc approximately 13-17cc. If I can I'd have tanks welded up to it and load it at a gas station dangerous enough but efficient very heavy and a new core frame will be do unless steel cn be welded veer the opening to simulate a thickened tank.
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