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Default tired of stuff that gets stolen, new but not so new idea? (air compression)

So everyone here how **** listed theives have been lately

I wish to come up with a new idea may be overweight not really too effective but I'm willing to try anything at this point.

I was thinking of getting a raggity weed eater engine and design a "air compressed" motorized bicycle since virtually there is no emissions no need for fuel or lubrication (other than some WD 40 to lube the internal system I was thinking of converting two propane tanks one slightly bigger then the other 1 235 psi tank from a propane tank and one that is 10 psi lower then the next tank to power the engine off compressed air.

There will be no exhaust pipes but it will be a one way/ flippable collection tank which eliminates the exhaust port since after all the pressure is pushed out into the smaller tank leaving 10 psi left in the big tank, flip the tanks and it's repowered.

I don't think the ideas stupid but I'm atleast predicting 20 miles of travel what do you think? Rather have a house full of air tanks vs gas which is something the misses cannot complain over.
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