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Default Re: 4 stroke huasheng bicycle engine loss of power

I hesitate to mention it but dielectric grease may not totally solve the problem but it wont hurt it any of you arent already using it. It may be a power problem, so make sure there is nothing between the cdis coil and the magneto on the rotor. No build up or other ablative stuff. However, im feeling more of a carb issue here. Make sure again theres no leaks and that the float, its directional is sitting right side up. If like me, you are using a tank that isnt "kit" (mines a large rack mounted marine tank) make sure you are not getting air in the line, this causes me similar problems with bogginess, sputtering, and dying, but its sporadic, not chronic and consistent, but its something to check. Make sure your air cleaner is clear and not gummed or dusted up or otherwise obstructed. Make sure tour choke is functioning too. If for some reason its loose, it can cause exactlt what you are talking about and in some cases, you might not notice it because what you are doing to close it might be undone by what you do just before you examine it. Someone mentioned jetting, which is something ive never had problems with, but hey cant hurt to check it and learn. I had the choke problem with a cheap two stroke china girl, the choke on the carb was split and bolted together with a cheap screw. The carb set so that the chokes plane of motion was perpendicular to gravity which means it would fall... over the intake... while underway and.... bog.... loss of power... blue screen of death. Took me a bit to figure it out becsuse the arm to move the choke would look likenit was open but the business end would be closed. Periodically tightening the screw solved it. So hopefully its something simple or several simple things.
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