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Default Re: Welcome To The Welding & Metalworking Forum

It's amazing how much this section of the forum has grown, I remember asking " Paul " If I gave him the Forum Title and what it's about he'd review it for a new section, wow time flies....It is now known as " ( Motorized Bicycle Welding, Fabrication and Painting - The Chop Shop Custom fabrication and projects, tanks, frames and more. ), I've always tried to help inspire others and make this place the greatest motorized bicycling forum. I believe it still is and always will be IMO. Peace Crazy Horse.
P.S. Builders check this thread for in depth info for Horizontal 4-stroke Honda crf50 Pitbike / Dirtbike / Atv engines:

These engines work best used for motorizing the Stretch Cruisers & Chopper builds.

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