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Default Re: Slugo 4inch 80cc help!!!

Originally Posted by TheNecromancer13 View Post
If you used steel plates and U bolts to make your own mounting hardware, you could shift your engine over just a little bit provided your engine isn't a super tight fit inside the frame.
Absolutely. If you had a small diameter down tube you might even grind out the fishmouth part of the cases and shim it over for all the clearance needed. Need those thin tubes, though.
I think my tire was 65 mm, and it was a problem. It balloons up bigger than that.
There is a kind of chain, like 415-I or H ? that is strong but narrow.
That's how I got around it.

Hey, the tube could be cut out at the strategic spot, replaced with welded in, off center smaller tube and problem solved.
Frame might be weakened but that stops noone around here.
Buzz zzzzz zzz

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