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Default Re: Slugo 4inch 80cc help!!!

Originally Posted by Slogger View Post
Picture two small sprockets, almost side by side on a shaft, supported by two bearings on a 'U' shaped bracket welded to the seat tube, sticking out to the left.
The engine chain on the inner one, the drive chain to the rear on the outer.
I think this would be the easiest fix for a fat tire.
Offsetting the engine past the frame tube would be too much anyhow.
Some motorbike supply company might make some money selling that fat offset jackshaft. Lots of fatbikes out there now.
It will rob a little power, but it lets the fat tire be used.
If you used steel plates and U bolts to make your own mounting hardware, you could shift your engine over just a little bit provided your engine isn't a super tight fit inside the frame.
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