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The engine I have on (the second incarnation of) my bike, Tempus, is from ThatsDax. Duane's been doing this a while, and he's always ready to help. My Dax engine survived a really wicked accident in 2010. The previous bike frame was cracked in a few places and so were the rims. I was cracked in several places and had to eat hospital food for longer than I ever care to again. The carb was cracked, but the rest of the engine checked out fine. After a while, I bought a new RT carb, and mounted the engine on the current JC Higgins frame, and the engine still pulls strong. I have no clue how many miles I have on it now. It's been running since about February of 2010. I don't really thrash the thing, just cruise around with the excuse of running local errands. If I have to pick up butter, sausage, and Tylenol at the local store, it's always more fun to take the bike.

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