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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Pooh! Ol' Tempus is being a real pain for the first time in many years. I should probably count myself lucky...but that'll be easier to do once everything is taken care of. I at least fixed the shorting problem in the headlight (a screw terminal had loosened far more than I thought possible). And I modified the brake light to a much brighter LED bulb. But I still can't figure out why Tempus won't stay running! I've cleaned the carb, checked the float and needle, and checked that I have consistent spark. Plug isn't fouled. That leaves a clog or deposit someplace in the fuel line, causing it to starve and bog and stall at random. Boy, I'm going to love tearing things apart looking for that. yay. woopee. Tomorrow, the endeavor begins.
In other news, the local kids have been bringing me tires to air up, and seats and handlebars to adjust - due to growth spurts. It's only been a year or two and already Jaden and Cadence are noticeably taller. Those little 20 inchers of theirs which I've tinkered with off-and-on: their parents may be replacing them this Christmas or next. I've lived in this neighborhood since 2009 - I remember when some of these kids had just learned to walk and would stroll by with their parents holding their hand. Now some can almost keep up with my motorbike in a short sprint. Some have been watching me pretty closely, so I've been showing them some basic maintenance. I've told a few that, in another 8 or so years if I'm still living here, they may want to bring their adult bikes around and I'll help 'em do a thorough check-up. I like this little neighborhood. Most of the kids here are pretty healthy and slim and ride bikes all over. Some have told me they don't even have any video games at home ('though they do have computers at school). I tell them they won't miss the video games that much later on, and video games won't take you places or keep you fit. A few of them seem to get it; they really treasure their bikes. It's a good thing to see.

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