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Default Portable Drive Kit for Tricycle


I am looking for drive kit for a tricycle. My budget for the kit is $350.* I would need to be able to remove it and carry it with me while doing shopping. I live in an area that is completely flat. I weigh 165 pounds. The maximum weight of any cargo would be 40 pounds. I would like to be able to go 15 mph. I would need a range of at least 15 miles.

Electric Drive: I have searched the web and this forum for portable electric kits and have not found anything. I am aware of Rubbee and Shareroller. Rubbee appears to be bicycle rear drive only and Shareroller isn't currently for sale. Plus I can't afford the $800+* cost. I could put together my own electric drive so long as it didn't require any fabrication or expensive tools or technical knowledge. Are there any suitable kits or parts lists? I found one part list but it is 6 years old.

Gas Drive: Gas friction drive motors appear easy to remove. I could leave the roller assembly on the trike but would prefer not to as that would be an additional loss of $150 in case of theft. How long would it take for it to cool down enough to handle? I would carry it in an insulated bag or set it in a shopping cart. Would I have to keep the motor upright while off the bike? Is this practical?

Any other suggestions?

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