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Default Re: Phantom parts

There's to many crooks in this particular market for me to stress to hard. There's a few good folks out there that I feel I can trust. Funny seems the best companies, currently have the worst websites! Look at ThatsDax, Custommotoredbicycles, and SBP! My word those pages are archaic in comparison to the ease of shopping and user friendly format of Evil Gasbike! Beware SpookyTooth cycles, they'll send you bikeberry junk and not even have the decency to try to cover it up! Bike berry billed my card, and SpookyTooth left their tag in the box, I've still got it! I didn't think to check my card till the package came in, had I done so before hand I might have canceled the order. I don't dare try to return it, for fear SpookyTooth has similar policies to bikeberry.

Bikeberry, gasbike, and kingsmotors are all currently ripping off the Master Mechanic hub adapter, and universal motor mount, and that's just what I know of off the top of my head. I believe they've also knocked off the fredhead, and the Dax gearbox, all of these are patented products, and I've been made to believe there is litigation in progress. It is my impression that any part found on those websites can be found elsewhere in higher quality and only a little more cost.
I'll by my parts from folks who'll take the time to talk with me, and I mean more than just business, but conversational small talk, people who want to build a rapport with their customers. I'm proud to recommend Duane, he's a great guy, who builds great ChinaGirls, and I look forward to doing business with Lynn, rather than just picking her brain. Phantom Bikes had the opportunity for a loyal customer, now my friends, Duane, Lynn, and George will get all my parts money for the foreseeable future, if only because I know their names, and talk to the same people every time I call.
Sorry rant over!
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