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Ok, so I'm finally starting to get back into this project, but I don't think I'm going to build it as I originally intended, at least for now. I just want to get it going and get out on the road now. So I'm going with some pre built heavy duty wheels, since I'm sick of waiting for the parts for custom ones. I'm also going to get a pre built motor mount that bolts onto the frame, and I'm going to throw on a Predator 79cc engine for now. I measured it up and I know I can pretty much do a straight swap to the Briggs 5 horse once I frankenstein that thing together. Just wondering what I should order for sprockets now. The torque converter I got has a 10 tooth sprocket, and I have 26" wheels, plus the torque converter, so what size should I use for the rear sprocket? I'd like to have good torque and a reasonable top speed, maybe 30-35.
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