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Default Re: Bike maintenance

Originally Posted by SpeedingTurtle View Post
Thank you riot my man! I greased my bearing the day I bought the bike about 100 mile ago but ill be sure to greases them again. I think I used too much synthetic oil. Talk about oil build up. Grandpa took a look at my spark plug and said that's alot of carbon. I used 6 oz per gallon. Gonna knock it down to 4oz. Chain and bolts rusting from the rain. I have a spar chain from ebay Im saving because my 40 tooth adapter in the mail,and Im gonna have to cut it for the new measurement. It came pregreased so that's a plus.
Ah, maybe you'll be okay then. I just brought it up cause I feel like its an easy thing to overlook. Cant ever hurt to check right? haha.

you could put a thin coat of nail polish or auto touch up paint over bolts and screw heads to stem off their exposure to the elements. That is if the surface rust is a problem for you. Or some WD40 or wax although it would be a pain to have to keep touching it up all the time imo.

4oz oil to 1 gallon is around 32:1 ratio I think. I run 40:1 with non synthetic 2cycle oil no issues. you could probably drop down to the same and still have better lubrication on synthetic oil than I do at the same ratio. So that would be around 3.2oz per gallon of gasoline. Ultimately up to you just my .02
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