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Default I greased my centrifugal clutch

My clutch was chattering so bad I was afraid it would damage the spokes where the 44 tooth sprocket was attached on my trike wheel. I disassembled the clutch and greased the pads and drum---real good with slick 50 teflon grease. Took the chatter right out and now it engages smoothly and locks up at some RPM. Don't know if this is a good idea or how long it will work before I need to grease it again. I put a 79cc engine on the trike because assbike sent me a clutch for a 79cc 5/8 bore instead of the 3/4" bore for the 212cc engine supplied with the trike kit. Couldn't get ahold of their customer service dept. to get it rectified. The 79cc engine is bogged down to about 2000-2500 rpm at 15 MPH wide open. Ordered a clutch for the 212cc engine and I will install it as soon as it arrives.
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