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Default Re: Bike maintenance

Originally Posted by SpeedingTurtle View Post
So I've upgraded to a spring tensionor some time ago. My 40 tooth sprocket adapter is in the mail. Now I've been feeling the urge to clean and review my engine and its various parts. Im curious as to what parts I should grease. The only thing my research has uncovered is that the thing under my clutch plate cover should be well oiled. Can I use wd-40? Also Im curious as to should I somehow grease the part that actually pulls on my chain.

On a side note my carb leaks gas from the filter. .I think I need to align and tighten it better. If,there is anything I should make,sure to grease/oil let me know.
I would like to add to what everyone else has said Here. Inspect and repack your wheel bearings with grease if your going to be taking your sprocket off anyway. They usually aren't greased well enough from the factory and they usually were never designed for the abuse of an MB. Most general purpose grease should be up to the task. WD40 isn't a very good lubricant. If you are bent on using a lubricant out of a can then I would suggest a white lithium grease. I use a dry lubricant for the chains and cables.

Sorry, I know you were asking about your engine specifically but I believe these are good things to check while you're at it, if you haven't already.

Happy motoring! If my reply was off point I apologize.
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