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So I seem to have clutch issues all figured out. Still breaking the motor in. I am now running 6oz/gal non-synthetic oil per the supplier's (Ozark Cruisers) insistence.

Riding today... Ride going well. Finally really got warmed up and started to run as well as it ever has. Went down a long, slight hill and picked up good speed and rpm. At bottom of incline the motor started spitting and missing. it slowed down a good bit and then recovered some. I tried loosening the gas cap with no change. I got home ok but motor never began to run normal again. Checked plug (NKG) and found it to show dark oil on it but it did not look terribly fowled. But it definitely is not the really clean looking plug you get when a motor that has the appropriate oil mix. I can not see air getting in gas line and loosening the cap makes no difference so I am ASSUMING that it is not starving for gas?

Any ideas?
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