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Default Re: stuck sprocket on a old kids bike that is held on at the crank?

Originally Posted by maniac57 View Post
cut the nut with a dremel or other thin cut off wheel.
It will release once you get close to parting it.

Usually works.

True but in specifics I'm having an issue with gearing I know not to go to big on gearing.

For what I want to gear in would seem like it would lack power uphill

So here is the break down for my current gearing I have 3 options

current gearing: 13 tooth front sprocket x 24 tooth rear sprocket = 15.5mph top speed. (Top end screamer)

first gearing option: 13 tooth front sprocket x 35 tooth rear sprocket = 18.8mph

second gearing option: 13 tooth front sprocket x 40 tooth rear sprocket 20.6 mph

third gearing option 13 tooth front sprocket x 50 tooth rear sprocket = 25.8mph

Basically the issue here is unless I got up to 60 tooth in the rear which I have limited space for a sprocket that big, plus I feel I would slugg on hills from that gear size 50 is as high as I can get at the time and these ratios the current is accurate with my weight on it.

But the downfall is its a 49cc so a big bore kit can conquer the differance in the speed with a lower tooth ratio.
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