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Default Re: Analog Speedometer

Originally Posted by floridaboy View Post
ZipTie, I checked and you were right. I bought it from e-bay and it is reading in Kilometers. I checked a conversion table and it looks to be right. 30 Kilometers = 18.64 mph. Thank you

Awesome, problem solved on the speedo, yes you got tricked by a slimy supplier. They almost got me to just the other day. The KH ones are being offered like 10 bucks cheaper. I double checked cause I thought. Hey something's wrong here...notice how they try to hide the fact it's not mph.

Another trick is watch for ...ones with resettable trip meters and without on the analogs too. Get the resettable trip meter one its the same price or a buck more as its very handy.

As cautious as I am,I get ripped off too frequently on eBay due to my own greed, not paying attention to details or stupidity. eBay is a awesome resource and the service is usually fast but a buyer needs to read the listing in detail and read what they don't say as much as what they do.

FIX. Make a new MPH speedo face in adobe photoshop and print a new paper faceplate. The glass just pops off with friction, the needle lifts right off as its only held on with friction too. Someone should come out with a cheap 2.00 sticker that converts them. The face plates on the factory ones are cheesy looking with the racing flags anyhow.

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