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Default Re: Need advise on wide peddle crank

Originally Posted by ZipTie View Post
Oh yea I can attest to that. I was a few miles from home and my pedal arm fell off the other day...oops. Vibration attack and loosens every bolt with a the vengeance of a torque wrench on steroids/ blue thread locker is your friend.

Ps: Many people may not know this but thread locker liquid drops are left on your paint it will dissolve clear coat first and then your paint...within hours. Ask me how I know. Who would of thought, the light blue liquid looks so harmless.

I bought my stuff from I needed the 1 piece to 3 piece conversion kit and the wide crank kit. I put the 1 to 3 piece in with thread lock but didn't use it on the ends that snug up the bearings and keep it tight and it kept backing off. This was for a guy I work with. Kept telling him to back them off and clean it and use the blue lock on it but ended up doing it myself. But lesson learned for my bike ☺

Didn't know it was a paint stripper. That's good to keep in mind thank you!
Love to go fast! :-D
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