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Default Re: Need advise on wide peddle crank

Originally Posted by Kletus View Post
I removed the GT80 I bought from assbike because it vibrated super bad. I have installed a 79cc predator with the chain drive transmission. The problem I'm having is the right peddle hits the bottom of the engine shroud and the left peddle is to close to the primary chain and clutch. Micargi says the crank on this bike is a one piece crank. My questions are: Do I need any special tools to do this project?, and who is a good vendor to purchase a wide peddle crank kit from. Ive almost got this baby ready to go. I need to find and install an exhaust that won't burn my leg, hook up the throttle linkage to the engine and install a wide peddle crank set. I like that long header muffler set that AGK sells but right now their out of stock.
Go to Sportsman flyer. His wide cranks are very well made.
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