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Default Re: Ultimate China Girl Engine

Originally Posted by Large Filipino View Post
Ok now I know it's common for a small 2 stroke engine to not have a crankcase reservoir for oil because the lubrication is in the gas and this design has worked for countless small 2 strokes out there. But it also seems a quite common occurrence in these HT's is crank bearing failure.
I bet if this crankcase has an oil fill like in outboard 2 stroke boat engines and 2 strokes in general larger than 100cc that would put that crank bearing in a constant oil bath now that would go quite far in longevity just that one mod alone would extend the life of a HT two or even three fold.
Even an oil injection pump would add a lot to the longevity.
You would still need premix for your piston rings but at least you wouldn't be depending on that COMBUSTED oil to run down your crank to your bearings.
Most small 2 strokes that don't need crankcase oil aren't asked to pull your 250 pound plus body down a road. Most just pretty much turn stuff without much resistance like a leaf blower,man.
And a good name for these engines would need to be something catchy like the name Whizzer but that's already taken.
Catchy name. Jim. What's your last name?
Swarthout...It's German...translation, Blackwood.

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