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Default Re: Clutch not engaging, clutch flower nut spinning and loose

had same problem on mine, it's a simple job taking the clutch rod out just watch you don't lose the woodruff key. I had to comb my carpet to find mine! just take bolts off of each side, use the black threaded gear puller thing to get the flywheel off, and place a piece ood wood block in there and hammer it out gently. The pin in mine wasn't completely through both holes and it got stuck. when you reassemble it make sure to turn the collar onto the spring about 15 turns to preload the spring. The end of my threaded rod where the flower nut goes was also stripped a little so I had to use dremel cutoff wheel to take about 1 mm off. These made in China engines are not for the inexperienced person. I had pretty much the whole engine tore down and put back together in couple hours just to make sure I wouldn't have any more problems down the road. Mine is about broken in and I'm hitting close to 30mph bone stock with just port matched exhaust and intake.
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