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Default Re: motorized bicycle ready to go question?

oh man wire up yourself a kill switch, less trouble that way
yeah i had a bad petcock and a leaking tank right out of the box, so instead of getting the run around by i bought another one from somewhere else along with a large bore petcock, seems to have solved a small part of the engine starving for fuel, in my opinion.
good answer to the police
i told them i pretty much have a hard time getting up to the posted speed limit of 25 lol
roll slow and respect them when you see them and they will look the other way, again in my opinion
i am ok with cruising @ 15-18mph, i just smile and wave like i am in a parade lol
get a better petcock and use plmbers tape or some type of teflon tape arounf the threaded end of the petcock, be sure the female end is not stripped.
seems you have a few things to fix, just have fun while doing it and you'll be happy
nothing wrong with rolling slow through town man have fun and ride safe!
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