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Default Re: motorized bicycle ready to go question?

Originally Posted by LBC View Post
be sure to check all of your head bolts and every other nut and bolt or anything that can come loose, before and after your ride.
i changed to a smaller rim size on my bike today and it slowed me down quite a bit, i'm not looking for speed though, just hill climbing gumption.
if you're worried about the police in your area then just roll slow on the city roads, sometimes when i come up to a police car i kill the engine or stay behind them far enough but they really do not even look at me much, been pulled over once by two officers and we discussed the laws and how much of a gray area there is then they said to keep the speed under or at the speed posted in the downtown area, haven't had any problems since.
All that i have is the reflectors too, at this time lol
Good luck and ride safe man!

She did good I also asked a officer on my trip they say the same thing it's a grey area but it's not fast and I stay mainly on the side walk because it's top ends slow due to gearing I made it from burien, to seatac, to des moines. Like I never lost a drop of gas gonna need some extra work as the orginal petcock is fried leaking slow build up in the vaccum lines if I had atleast a container that I could attach to the frame would be nice so I can do a gravity fuel tap. I should never get ticketed because it's so slow. Bad is i dont have a kill switch so I catch my self tripple snapping the throttle once in a blue moon to drop the idle. It's atleast welded and like I told the officer I fit between electric assisted bicycle and a moped by the 15 mph-30 law but lean more to the electric law.
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