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Default Re: Intro and pics first build

LandSpeedRecord, thank you for those tips, man i am wanting to ride today but i took my back wheel off in preperation for the hub adapter and sprocket assmebly..i just couldn't wait lol will it hurt the bike if i put a 27.5" wheel from another motorized bike on my 29" schwinn you see above? i'm just wanting to ride today and do not wish to cause any harm to this little china girl as i have just got her around the 300 mile mark and wanted to take her out today, without harming here. i know what you mean though about doing the overbuilds on the rack, i'm going to look into that in the coming weeks as i will be hauling some weight on the back, got her goin up hills pretty good though and that really is all i wanted, speed doesn't do it for me anymore lol i'm into functionality, reliability and durability all coming together as one, after the daily inspections and tightenings though :P
thanks LSR!
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