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Default Re: Intro and pics first build

Welcome to the forum, great looking ride you have. On the pre mix, there more threads and posts than you could probably ever read on the subject. We have hills and heat here in Tucson and I try to get all of my customers pre mixing 32 to 1 to start with on normal 2 cycle oil. If they get excessive oil dripping from the exhaust we take small steps to usually around 40 to one, each motor and the loads on them react slightly different. And or you can get into the synthetic oils at thinner mixes. Last thing go absolutely crazy over building whatever way you have your rack mounted. Fenders, racks, anything that can crack from the vibration will and if goes into your wheel the result is a violent crash so be careful and drastically over build. I always say go to the motorcycle shop and look at the fenders and racks, you literally need to build them that strong as these motors even when smooth vibrate just like any motorcycle.
Happy motoring!
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