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So I have discovered there seems to be plenty of room to tighten the clutch plate. But the clutch arm is now hitting the drain cock on the carb. I am using a short, aluminum intake billet so I see two options here:

1: Go back to the stock, 'S" shaped intake that will place the carb higher and out of the way

2" Bend the clutch arm backwards and away from the carb so that the arm can move further towards the carb without hitting it.

BTW... I ASSUME the clutch plate should be as tight as I can get it while still allowing for a completely disengaged clutch plate when the lever is pulled, yes?


On the mount.... The rear mount is solid and stock. The front down tube mount is problematic. The tube is too large for the stock mount so I had to add the u Bolt contraption. When I attempt to move the motor, it "feels" tight. But you can clearly hear squeaking coming from this connection point with indicates the u bolt is moving slightly. Should I remove U bolt and drill hole into down tube so as to mount with through bolt?

THANKS SO MUCH for the help!!

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