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Default Hello from NE Tennessee!

Hello! My name is James. I've in NE Tennessee.

Here are some of my projects:

For awhile I've been fooling with a 95 Kinetic moped. But I'm about to give up on it and go for a motorized bicycle instead. For several reasons.

In Tennessee a moped has to be registered and insured. But a motorized bicycle does not. I guess because it has no VIN so there is no way to actually title it. My Kinetic does not have a title and if you live in Tennessee and have something without a title, unless it's 30 years old, you have to jump through hoops.

I don't think it's worth the hassle of titling an insuring something not driven on a daily basis.

Where I live we have lots of hills. Unless you have a moped with a variater transmission or a 2 speed Tomos, one speed mopeds are only good for flat land. They are heavy so trying to make it up steep hills is almost impossible even trying to pedal. I've had to get off mine and push it up hills.

I'm interesting in putting one of these motorized kits on my aluminium framed Mongoose mountain bike.

I got a few questions. So far the kits I've seen turn a sprocket that is attached to the rear wheel using half moon discs and some rubber spacers. This guy below actually has some setup where the motor turns a small sproket on a shaft to the outer sprocket on the pedal and the inner sprocket drives the rear wheel and he can change gears just like on a motor cycle:

Anybody know if this is something you can buy or is it something he fabricated?

These engines are refereed to as 80 cc but sometimes referred to as 66 cc. What's up with that?

The C/R is 6:1. Why so low?

Anybody ever shave the head to get the C/R up to 9:1?
At 6:1, you should be able to run the engine on kerosene like those old tractors from the early part of the century.

That's all for now.
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